How to Understand the Numbers in Your Business

A simple way to achieve financial fluency even if you are not a numbers person

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Is This You?

Many business owners go through their entire business life without really understanding their financials.

They learn just enough to get by but not much more, then something happens that makes them regret that they were not better prepared.

Unplanned challenges such as selling the business, mastering an economic crisis, raising growth capital or negotiating with a bank under duress.

10% of all business owners are well-prepared to cope with these high-level business challenges and maximise their outcomes.

If you want to evolve into that top 10% of business owners whose companies genuinely work for them, then mastering the language of business and becoming financially fluent is the key.

Learn the secret of looking at your business as an investor rather than just the operator and change your life.

Guy's Story


Guy's business was not doing as well as it could. He and his business partner were frustrated by their lack of financial know-how. They were petrified of failure, especially in this time of crisis and financial uncertainty. 

After becoming financially fluent they both now have a new perspective on money and finance in business.

They have become better leaders, better strategists, have better (stronger) businesses and are creating more wealth and prosperity for themselves, their families and their communities

They don’t have to go through the stress and the humiliation of a failed business.


Imagine Looking Forward to Receiving Your Monthly Reports

When you achieve financial fluency your relationship with your financials changes dramatically.

  • You look forward to receiving your monthly reports and push to receive them quickly.
  • Your trained eye now goes straight to a few key numbers that tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the state of the business.
  • You have an acute awareness of the importance of shareholder equity and an emotional connection to that one number which alters your entire relationship to the business.
  • You spend 30 minutes armed only with a pencil and a calculator working through your financials, querying entries and drawing insights from them.
  • You now listen keenly to what the business is telling you it needs from you and you use that information to craft your focus and strategy for the coming weeks and months.
  • You know your Balance Sheet better than anyone else and take fierce pride in seeing it grow and strengthen from month to month.

You can achieve this too!

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About Sir Steven Wilkinson

I have been in the investment business for 30 years and have worked with the owners of SME companies for most of that time. I have purchased and financed dozens of small and medium-sized businesses often in need of substantial restructuring and founded and run publicly-quoted companies in the full glare of financial market scrutiny as well.

All of my business life I have been explaining how finance people think and view businesses and their numbers to owners and operators with only scant understanding of the story that they tell us.

Over the years I have developed a framework for explaining the language of business to entrepreneurs and SME owners so that they truly get it. I have witnessed the transformation in confidence, focus and business results when that new perspective kicks in and suddenly it all makes sense.

I am an expert in helping business owners achieve financial fluency using an engaging and easy to understand training approach that I have honed and perfected over decades.

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Completing the Financial Fluency - Practitioner  program will completely change the way you engage with your business. Guaranteed!

Here are the benefits you can expect after learning to be financially fluent.

You will start the course with the perspective of an operating manager and finish with the perspective of an investor.

You will discover a completely new relationship to your Balance Sheet and a deep understanding of why that matters.

You will immediately begin to re-evaluate everything you do in the business from your new perspective and begin to ask hard questions about your strategy, your margins, the value you create and the customers you engage with.

Ultimately, you will become a much better business owner for having the perspective of an investor in your company.

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What Previous Participants Say

James McKenzie

Head of Finance & Strategy, Kegstar UK

The course was something that hadn’t even occurred to me as being possible. But this course has really opened my mind to the co-dependency of the two (entrepreneur as investor perspective) to make a more rounded person. Steven’s passion for better businesses really makes this course an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience, which I’d recommend to anyone interested in taking the road less travelled and learning something different.

Thanks for a great course Steven and the Good & Prosper team - lots of things to take away and start working on.

Kate McCrae

CEO McCraes Candy, Boston

Thank you so much for this fantastic course Steven. I am very excited to dive in all over again! I've felt a bit overwhelmed in the second half as our business has been demanding full attention and my capacity to learn new concepts has been taxed. The content of this course is fascinating to me, particularly since it brings the power of decision and control back home. When the waves are rolling large over our heads it absolutely feels like our autonomy has been robbed and we are at the mercy of some other force, but that is born of ignorance. The picture you've painted tells me otherwise, even though I have a long way to go before I've mastered this information (if I ever do) just knowing the gist of what it means gives me power where I've felt powerless.

Here’s what you’ll get in the 
Financial Fluency - Practitioner program:

10 hours of training over the course of one weekend delivered live and in person over Zoom

A clear narrative path which has been successfully applied to previous cohorts of this course

Plenty of opportunities to interact and work with other course participants

Lifetime access to the digital library recordings from the course weekend broken down into easy-to-consume chapters

Free access to the private Facebook group and a weekly Q & A session to bring challenges and queries.

Worksheets and documents to supplement the course material.

To add even more value to the Financial Fluency - Practitioner program package, and to give you the best chance of achieving success, I want to also include these bonuses worth €500:

Calculate Your Own Stock Price Guide

Value €250

“Finding Focus” Strategy Blueprint

Value €250

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Inclusive One Time Fee


Key features

  • 10 hours of training over the course of one weekend

  • Engaging and easy to understand training that has been honed and perfected

  • Plenty of opportunities to interact and work with other course participants

  • Lifetime access to the digital library recordings from the course weekend

  • Free access to the private Facebook group

  • Weekly Q&A sessions in our Financial Fluency Facebook Forum
  • Access to our exclusive students community space in Circle
  • Worksheets and documents to supplement the course material

Bonus Materials

  • Calculate Your Own Stock Price Guide
  • “Finding Focus” Strategy Blueprint
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Make the change from confusion to confidence around the numbers in your business and supercharge your business power. Reserve your seat in the July 2021 cohort NOW.

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